About Jim

Thank you for your interest in my campaign.  I am a veteran peace officer and former prosecutor who is asking the citizens of Collin County for the privilege of serving as their your Sheriff.   I count it a tremendous privilege to have earned the Republican nomination for Sheriff in the primary election held on March 1, 2016, ask you to join me as we move toward the General Election for Collin County Sheriff on November 8, 2016.

After almost 30 years of faithful service to the citizens of Collin County, Sheriff Terry Box recently announced that he would not seek another term. As Collin County has seen tremendous growth, Sheriff Box has overseen the growth of the Sheriff’s Office from fewer than 50 employees in 1985, to now managing a $38 million budget and almost 500 employees.  Across Texas, peers view the Collin County Sheriff’s Office as one of the finest law enforcement organizations in the State of Texas, with a jail as the model for others to emulate.  Sheriff Box should be commended for his superb leadership and faithful service to the citizens of Collin County.

With the County’s population nearing 900,000 and growing rapidly, law enforcement will face new challenges associated with future growth.  As our population increases, the county’s jail and the law enforcement services must keep pace by using new and innovative ideas designed to efficiently and effectively protect the lives, liberty and property of all Collin County citizens.

As the County expands, we must be prepared to combat the proliferation of drug and human trafficking and be vigilant against violent criminals and property crimes. Effective communication and coordination between law enforcement agencies, and maintaining an effective working relationship with you, the citizens we serve, is how to best deter and defeat the criminals who would target our communities.    

I am the son of an elementary school teacher and an American soldier who served our Nation in WWII, in Korea and the Vietnam War.  My siblings and I were raised by loving parents who showed us how to love God and Country, and taught us values that helped us succeed in life.  We were raised to believe that serving your fellow man was an obligation due for the privilege of living in the greatest nation on Earth.

In August 1978, two days after my nineteenth birthday, I started my law enforcement career when I was commissioned as a police officer for the City of Harker Heights, Texas.  One week later, I was standing post as an Honor Guard over the casket of a friend and fellow officer, who was murdered while on-duty by a fugitive child rapist.  My friend’s death had a profound impact on me, and as I stood beside his body, I swore that I would pursue a life of service in the law, protecting the innocent and pursuing the predators who would prey upon and harm them. 

Over the past 35 years, I have served in our judicial system as a full-time uniformed police officer, a US Air Force Security Police dog handler and EST Team (SWAT) operator, a narcotics agent, a drug task force coordinator, a detective, the Chief Investigator for New Mexico’s Ninth Judicial District Attorney’s Office, an assistant district attorney in Collin County, a special prosecutor, a lawyer and now,  a reserve deputy sheriff for the Dallas Sheriff’s Department.  Throughout my career, I have investigated a myriad of cases involving suspects, victims, and witnesses from a wide-spectrum of racial and socio-economic classes.  These cases included murder, rape, robbery, theft, crimes against children, narcotics trafficking, gang violence, identity theft, embezzlement, white-collar crime, computer crime, securities fraud and public corruption. 

I thank God for affording me the opportunity to serve in a variety of different roles within our criminal justice system, giving me a well rounded perspective; one that I believe uniquely qualifies me to be your next sheriff.  Honor, integrity, teamwork and persistence are among many invaluable characteristics one takes from this journey.  My experiences over the years have taught me that determination, accountability, discretion and humility are indispensible qualities required of a dedicated law enforcement leader. 

I am honored to have worked with so many professional police officers, prosecutors, jailers and non-sworn civilian employees throughout my career and always considered it a privilege to have been associated with such willing, competent and brave law enforcement professionals. It requires great courage to deal daily with the human condition.  It is a unique person that takes an oath, straps on a gun and a badge and then willingly stands between the innocent and those who would prey upon them.  It is also a brave person who willingly works inside of a jail every day to ensure the safety of the public they serve.  For this, law enforcement officers and corrections officers will always have my deep and abiding respect.

As both a police officer and as a prosecutor, I took an oath to see that justice was done.  We worked hard to protect those who could not protect themselves, to free the innocent and to hold the guilty accountable for their crimes.  I believe that I have been blessed with and taught strong leadership skills that will help me guide the men and women of the Collin County Sheriffs Office into the future, protecting our communities and working with fellow citizens to help achieve order and respect for the Rule of Law our precious constitutional rights.  I earnestly believe that proper leadership; servant-leadership not affected by hubris, is how we continue the greatness of Collin County and the Great State of Texas.

In this country, it was the Sheriff who was the first law enforcement official to serve the people.  It was the Sheriff who was originally relied upon to serve the Rule of Law; ensuring that the government and its people are accountable under the law and that laws are justly and evenly applied, protecting the lives, liberty and property of every person.  It was the Sheriff who ensured that the process by which laws are enforced was fair and efficient, and that justice was served in a timely manner by competent, ethical and unbiased citizens that reflected the makeup of the communities they served.

It remains the same today.  Unlike other law enforcement officials, a Sheriff works directly for the people, instead of a particular governmental body.  As your Sheriff, I will be responsible to ensure that everyone, including other elected officials, uphold the Rule of Law.   

In recent times, we find federal officials who willingly choose to ignore the Rule of Law and our beloved Constitution.  The sad truth is that we sometime find elected officials who are willfully ignorant of the freedoms our Constitution enshrines.    As your Sheriff, you have my commitment that I will stand to achieve order and respect for our constitutional rights and will always be willing to do what is necessary in order to protect these rights for everyone.

I hope that you will join my campaign and lend me your support as we look ahead to the March 1, 2016 primary election.  I would be honored if you would allow me the privilege of serving as your Sheriff.  As we move forward, always remember that fighting crime is everyone’s business and that by working together we can continue to honor the office and tradition of the Texas Sheriff and the Collin County Sheriff’s Office. 

Pol. Adv. paid for by the Jim Skinner Campaign, Charlie O'Reilly, Treasurer.